A Business game based on classical chess in an Interactive cognitive scenario            
  Autor: Grachya Ovakimyan      


Open Letter to the Chess Federation of Moscow

Dear Chess friends,

            On the topic of Business Chess I have published a book, the methodological recommendations and a number of papers in the chess, scientific and general periodical publications. In them, the main elements of Business Chess are described in detail and the perspectives of utilizing the game in the various domains are considered. Furthermore, with the assistance of the Chess Federation of Moscow there has been held a number of Business Chess tournaments, both for school children and for professionals, including grandmasters. The reportings from these tournaments were telecast on the “Sports” TV channel, and also appeared on the sites of the Chess Federation of Moscow and the Russian Chess Federation. All information on Business Chess is also available on the Internet
Thus at the present time sufficiently large material on the given theme, both theoretical and practical, has been accumulated. As a result of generalization of the obtained information and the data published in the literature, one may conclude that Business Chess represents

  1. the only scenario of the conducting of the classical game of chess acceptable for direct (live) TV broadcasting, thereby completely meeting the requirements of the International Olympic Committee;
  2. the only form of the classical chess that has actually been approved by the Russian Academy of Education as a general educational game. This is owing to the fact that, from the standpoint of professional pedagogics, “education deals only with those games which are conducive to the adaptation of learners to the real conditions of the environment – above all, the social environment”;
  3. the only full-fledged business game acceptable for general school education, the main objectives of which are a) teaching the children the skills of constructive communication and social self-organization in the conditions of the universal professional activity, b) carrying out, at school, the psychodiagnostics of intellect, abilities, level of achievement and psychic development;
  4. the only business game, in which any possible game actions (decision) may be given a mathematically precise evaluation with the use of analytical chess computer programs. And, as a consequence, it represents the optimum scientific model for carrying out research in such extremely topical domains as games theory, information theory, the theory of management and decision making, the theory of innovation diffusion, marketing theory, cognitive and social psychology, the research into the natural and artificial intellect, etc.

            Therefore, the introduction of the form of game will allow the classical chess not only to get access to television (and, possibly, become an Olympic sport), but also to extend quite significantly its audience due to the students of general education schools and people involved in intellectual activities in general. In connection with the aforesaid, I am asking you

  1. to organize the comprehensive discussion of the available materials with the participation of the experts in order to assess as objectively as possible the conclusions I have drawn and determine the expedience of massive introduction of Business Chess.
  2. Should the expert evaluation of Business Chess be positive, address the respective interested sports, educational and scientific bodies (FIDE, RCF, the Olympic Committee of the RF, the All-Russian Voluntary Society “Sportivnaya Rossiya”, the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF, etc.) for assistance in getting the required financial support of further work in this direction.

Sincerely yours,
the inventor of Business chess                                     

G.K. Ovakimyan 3.02.2006