A Business game based on classical chess in an Interactive cognitive scenario          
Autor: Grachya Ovakimyan    


SPECTACULAR CHESS and other intellectual sports games

"SPECTACULAR CHESS and other intellectual sports games." - М.: «RUSSIAN CHESS HOUSE», 2017.


G. K. Ovakimyan

The book is devoted to the problem of spectacularness of such intellectual sports games, as Chess, Go, Xiangqi, Shogi, Renjue, Checkers and others. In the opinion of the author, it is possible to solve it with the help of the developed by him scenario of the team game, which provides an active discussion throughout the whole game. It results in harmonious combination of high dynamism of the game and sufficient time for effective creativity, which together with the drama of team discussions and the availability of new information ensures the spectacularness of intellectual competitions. The book is intended for professionals and specialists in the areas mentioned, as well as to wide range of readers interested in intellectual sports games.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Sports Business Games and the Third Revolution in Sports
  • Spectacular Scenario of Chess
  • Business Chess and its Divine Purpose
  • On Business Chess, Economy, Politics and School Education
  • On Quality of Chess Game
  • Business Chess as Martial Arts
  • The Interview After the Game
  • Chess — The Game of the 21st Century
  • Chess on TV
  • Does the Chess Game Need a New Ideology?
  • Which Type of Chess Game is More Effective?
  • What Kind of Chess Needs to be Taught at School?
  • The Future of Chess
  • Natural Talent and Chess Theory
  • The Sprouted Grain of Entertainment
  • Spectacular Chess: Where, What, Who and How to Show it
  • A Dream (TV Broadcast of Games “Russia‑USA” and “East‑West”)
  • The Script for the TV Show “Check and Mate”
  • The Basic Provisions of Business Chess
  • Addendum
  • References
  • Summary
  • Table of Contents