A Business game based on classical chess in an Interactive cognitive scenario            
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Moscow 2005.

The Business Chess Match between the Teams

of the CFM and the City Hall.

       The business chess match between two leading teams of the Russian capital – the Chess federation of Moscow team and the City Hall team was held at the T.V. Petrosian chess club on 11 and 12 June 2005. Before the start of the match the inventor of Business Chess Grachya Ovakimyan reminded the participants and the spectators about the rules of the game.
The CFM team was represented by GMs Mikhail Kobalia (2644), Sergey Smagin (2565), Sergey Grigoriants (2553), and Yury Piskov (2452).
The City Hall team included Oleg Nikolenko (2527), Vladimir Dobrov (2521), Andrey Devyatkin (2510), Artur Gabrielian (2481), Pavel Dvalishvili (2459).
In the match, 2 games were played, one game a day. On the first day the City Hall team won 10:8, but on the second day the CFM team won with the result 13:3. So the final score became 21:13 in favour of the CFM.

First Game, Held 11 June 2005       parts  1  4  5  6  7

Also you can see the following clips, every one not more than 1 min (10 Mb):

"Business chess - Introduction - Moscow 2005"

"Business chess - Branching and Passing"

"Business chess - Moves and Passing"

"Business chess - Branches (demonstration boards) with ratings, time and score"

"Business chess - White team discussion"

"Business chess - Black team discussion"

For more about this game:
Site section “Photo” – Photographs Moscow-2005.
Site section “Examples of Business chess games”. First game. The game is annotated and commented upon by one of the players, IM Andrei Devyatkin. The detailed record of the moves and ratings of the branches of the game is given in the Appendix.

Yerevan 2003

1st Business chess championship in Yerevan

Report by 1st TV-channel of Armenia

1st game between the teams "Chess School" (white) and "Chess Academy" (black). Total 14 pieces.

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Moscow 2000

June 2000 children game